Chimney Waterproofing

Homeowners usually never maintain the outside of their chimney. Most of the time, a homeowner just gets their chimney swept. Call The Fireplace Doctor of Augusta today to have your Augusta chimney waterproofed and protected against water damage. Our excellent technicians are certified through the Allstar Chimney Academy and are proud members of the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association and the Professional Chimney Guild of America (PCGA). Our chimney professionals can handle any type of water damage situation. We can find all types of water damage happening to your chimney with our 21 Point Safety Inspection.

Weather shows no mercy to the exterior side of a chimney. Cold temperatures and rain can have a profound effect on your chimney. Rainy weather conditions can affect the entire home when it comes to water damage. Water damages can ruin the chimneys structure over time. The breakdown of the chimneys mortar can degrade the structures intergrity. Many times this deterioration can go unnoticed until the damage becomes extensive. Major costs in chimney repairs can be avoided if you get your chimney inspected annually. Your fireplace is unsafe to use until your chimneys water damage has been fixed.

There are important structural parts of home that is well shielded from the elements. For instance, the roofs eave protects the wall from rain dripping from the roof. The bricks and mortar of your chimney is at risk because there no is protection for the chimney from the weather. Proper protection of these areas can prevent water damage from getting worse. Chimney can be dangerous to use over time if it hasnt been waterproofed. It is cheaper to get your chimney waterproofed than to let water damage occur and have to get it extensive repairs done. Stay proactive with your chimneys condition and youll save money in the long run.

Chimney mortar is greatly affected by temperature. If it gets cold enough outside, water can freeze to the mortar on the chimney. Temperature fluctuation can freeze and melt water on the mortar and cause deterioration and instability. The mortar of your chimney needs to be strong for your chimney to be safe for use. A yearly inspection can prevent unknowingly deteriorating conditions happening to your chimney.

Water damage can causes a chimney to start leaning to one side. Water can penetrate the brick material when rain hits the chimney in a sideways motion. If mortar decomposes on one side of the chimney, it will start to lean. This is because the mortar no longer has the strength to hold the weight. If they mortar can no longer hold the bricks in place, they will start to fall. It can be very dangerous to use a chimney that is unstable and weak.

The age of your chimney is the not issue when it comes to water damage. Your chimney can be very old or extremely new. Water damage can affect anyones chimneys, and should not be taken lightly. Our company can provide a thorough inspection to find any water damage that is occurring. Our technicians are highly trained to locate water damage that an untrained person would not be able to see.

There are many chimney products for water leaks. Here, we typically use two types of chimney water leak products. The first type of product we use is called Chimney Saver. This products helps moisture escape the bricks.

CrownSaver is another excellent product we use. The chimneys crown is sealed very well with this product. Non-vapor permeable products should never be used. They keep the moisture that is already in the mortar from escaping. The bricks and mortar can decompose quicker if the water cannot escape.

There are several parts that can prevent water damage. One important part of the chimney structure is the chimney crown. If the chimney crown has cracks or damage to it, water is able to bypass all other parts of the chimney and reach the mortar and interior masonry facing.

The chimney flashing does a excellent job in protecting the chimney from water damaging. Water can access and damage both the roof and chimney if the flashing is not in working condition. The chimney cap works very well in preventing water from entering. Chimney caps also keep all kinds of critters out. They can repair and/or replace all the parts of a chimney.

There are several issues that can start from water damage.

  • Deteriorating of firebox assemblies
  • Crack flue liner
  • Wooden structure around chimney
  • Rusted Dampers

We are ready to schedule you an appointment for your inspection on your chimney. If youre having water problems with your chimney, call us to fix it ASAP.

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